Every David Baldacci Thriller In One Place

Davidbaldacci_NovelSuspectsDavid Baldacci is the bestselling author of over fifty books for adults, teens, and children. He has standalone novels and multiple series, so it can be understandably difficult to figure out what order his books go in. We’ve listed each of his series and their books, and rounded up his standalone titles so you know where you stand with each.

David Baldacci’s Thriller Series

Shaw Series

Shaw is a mysterious man who works for an international intelligence agency and whose personal mission is to foster peace and keep the world safe…which turns out to be pretty difficult when he’s contending with ruthless defense contractors.

Memory Man Series

Amos Decker was once a professional athlete, but a head injury took him out of the game and left him with a peculiar side effect: He remembers everything he sees, reads, or hears. Now a police detective, Amos finds his life is turned upside down and a criminal targets him.

Archer Series

Aloysius Archer is a WWII veteran who has just been released from prison in 1949 after being accused of a crime he didn’t commit. When he takes a job collecting a debt, he finds himself tangled up in a murder, needing to find the perp to clear his name.

Atlee Pine Series 

Atlee Pine is an FBI agent haunted by a traumatic childhood event: Someone kidnapped her twin sister Mercy, and left Atlee behind. Now, she’s assigned to protecting the Grand Canyon, where the crimes have big implications for the country and her past.

Camel Club Series

Four men, who at first glance appear to be conspiracy theorists, must team up with a Secret Service agent in order to uncover the truth around some of the most unsettling mysteries that threaten the country, and the world.

John Puller Series

A combat veteran, John Puller works as a military investigator, trying to live up to his father’s legacy and get past his brother’s treason in order to solve some of the most difficult crimes involving military personnel.

King and Maxwell Series

Michelle Maxwell and Sean King are both Secret Service agents who have become defined by split second moments that resulted in the deaths of their charges. Haunted by these cases and determined to answer the questions that linger about their cases, they become a crime-investigating duo.

Will Robie Series

Will Robie is a top-secret master assassin who is hired by some of the most powerful people in the country, which oftentimes puts him in very dangerous situations.

The 6:20 Man

Standalone Mystery & Thriller Novels