David Baldacci’s Will Robie Books in Order

In the world of political thrillers full of action and intrigue, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who does them more successfully than David Baldacci. With more than 40 titles and 130 million books in print, which have been published in 45 languages in over 80 countries, Baldacci has been entertaining readers for decades with well-spun tales of spies, government agents, and mystery.

But let’s say you love political thrillers, but have never read David Baldacci. (No shame, we all have gaps in our reading educations.) Where would you start? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Here’s a look at one of Baldacci’s most exciting series, the Will Robie books in order (although you can also enjoy them out of order). Buckle up—you are in for quite a ride!


The Will Robie Books in Order

Say you’re the US government and you need a mission carried out by the most professional, skilled, accomplished assassin. Who do you call? Will Robie, that’s who. A lethal American operative, skilled at carrying out top-secret assignments quickly and efficiently, it’s Robie’s job to assess threats to the United States and stop them before they ever reach US shores. But sometimes the call is coming from inside the house…