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David Baldacci’s Best Books According To Goodreads

Davidbaldacci_NovelSuspectsDavid Baldacci is the author of many thriller books, which consist of multiple series and standalone suspense novels, so it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Luckily for you, if you love a good thriller suspense novel, you can’t go wrong with any of Baldacci’s books. We’ve picked ten of Baldacci’s most popular books according to Goodreads users, which consist of a mix of standalone and series starters, all of which make for a great place to dive into Baldacci’s backlist.


Memory Man is the first book in Bladacci’s Amos Decker Series, which follows a former NFL player sidelined after a head injury gave him the ability of perfect photographic memory. Now, Decker works as an investigator with the FBI. This novel introduces readers to Decker and gives them his origin story, the shocking murders that lead him to work with the FBI.


If you’re starting with David Baldacci’s books, why not pick up the very first one he published? Absolute Power is about Luther Whitney, a burglar who breaks into a Virginia mansion hoping for a windfall, and instead witnesses a shocking crime involving the President of the United States and his mistress. Before he knows it, Whitney is dragged into a massive conspiracy with connection to the highest office in the land.

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Will Robie is an elite hitman, hired by the highest government officials to eliminate targets that threaten national security. But when his latest job feels off to him, he refuses to follow through and must go on the run to avoid danger. It’s then that he meets a teenage runaway whose parents were murdered, and Robie realizes that his case and her parents’ murders are connected. The Innocent is the first in the Will Robie series.


Four men form the Camel Club, a group obsessed with conspiracy theories that get together to talk out various ideas, potential cover-ups, and recent events. But the conspiracies they discuss are no longer theoretical when they witness a murder. Now, they have to team up with a Secret Service agent to uncover a conspiracy that extends to the highest levels of government. The Camel Club is the first in a series.

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Zero Day is the first book in the John Puller series, about a veteran and a military investigator who is assigned to crimes dealing with military personnel. In this first book, John is called to a small West Virginian town where a family has been brutally murdered in their home, and he must join forces with the local detective assigned to the case to uncover a far-reaching conspiracy that extends beyond this small town.

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In a split second, Michelle Maxwell and Sean King’s lives were changed forever. Both are Secret Service agents who, eight years apart, took their eyes off of their charges for a single moment with devastating consequences. Now, they’re teaming up to work an unexpected and shocking connection in both of their cases, and together they make a formidable investigative duo. Split Second is the first book in a series.


Web London is a member of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, and one day he and his team are deployed to an alley where they are brutally ambushed. Web is the only survivor, along with a ten-year-old boy. As he faces his grief and shock head-on with the help of a therapist, he’ll have to work with the boy to figure out who is responsible for the death of his team.


LuAnn Tyler is only twenty years old, but she’s a mother to an infant and she’s as beautiful as she is poor. When she’s offered a winning $100 million dollar lottery ticket, she’s told that all she needs to do is move and change her identity. It seems like a relatively small price to pay for such wealth, but LuAnn is tangled in a complicated plot that could very well cost her her life.

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Jason Archer is a successful tech executive who seems to have it all, but when his airplane goes down in Virginia, he leaves behind more questions than answers. His wife Sidney is devastated, but she’s startled to find discrepancies in what she knows about her husband and questions from law enforcement agencies on all sides. Who was Jason really, and what was he involved in?

Long Road to Mercy kicks off one of Baldacci’s newest series, the Atlee Pine books. Atlee Pine is an FBI agent working Shattered Rock, charged with overseeing the Grand Canyon. When a mule is killed, it leads Atlee to a mystery with connections to her own tragic childhood, when her twin sister Mercy was kidnapped and Atlee was left behind.

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