Read David Baldacci’s Camel Club Books in Order

David Baldacci Camel Club Books in OrderIt is safe to say that David Baldacci is a busy man. Since the release of his first novel, Absolute Power, in 1996, Baldacci has gone on to write almost four dozen books for adults and children.

One of his best-known and most popular series is the Camel Club series. The protagonists are four political watch-dogs who keep an eye on the government. They formed the Camel Club to share intelligence while they try to sniff out government conspiracies.

The group is led by Oliver Stone, a former CIA-trained assassin. Stone is not his real name; he chose it because of the famous director who is also into conspiracy theories. It keeps with his occupation—would you expect a guy trying to secretly uncover dangerous plots to use his real name?

The other members of the Camel Club are Reuben Rhodes, a Defense Intelligence Agency employee turned war protester; Caleb Shaw, an employee of the Rare Book Wing of the Library of Congress; and Milton Farb, a paranoid former child prodigy. And as the series progresses, the club gains a few more helpful members.

If you’ve always wanted to read David Baldacci but weren’t sure where to start, here’s a handy list of the Camel Club series to get you started.


David Baldacci’s Camel Club Series in Order




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