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7 Great Private Investigator Novels to Dig Into_NovelSuspects

7 Great Private Investigator Novels to Dig Into

These detective novels feature all sorts of private investigators who skillfully get at the heart of a crime better than the police.

Five Lesser Known Crime Fiction Series To Keep You Guessing_NovelSuspects

Five Lesser Known Crime Fiction Series To Keep You Guessing

Looking for a new series to delve into? We've lined up our favorite lesser-known crime fiction books that will keep you guessing from start to finish.

All the President's Men (1976)_Novel Suspects

Investigative Reporters Stealing the Show

Mystery Suspense with thrill-a-minute plots as investigative reporters work to uncover killers, lies, and secrets.

James Patterson Summer Round-Up

Our James Patterson Summer Reads Round-Up

In the hot summer months when you're looking to relax and just have fun, James Patterson's crime fiction and mystery suspense novels are the perfect escape.


Seven Mystery & Thriller Books Coming This June

There is a lot to look forward to in June: it's the official start of summer, businesses are starting to open, and plenty of new suspense books are hitting the…


What to Watch While You’re Waiting For Lupin Pt. 2

Here are two wonderfully witty crime-centric dramas to keep you entertained while you're waiting for Lupin's newest season.

David Swinson_NovelSuspects

David Swinson Shares His Top Mystery & Thriller Reads

Author of City of the Edge, The Second Girl shares his favorite mystery & thriller books.

Library of Congress Crime Classics_NovelSuspects

Library of Congress Crime Classics

If you love contemporary mysteries and you're interested in branching out into classics, the Library of Congress Crime Classics series is a fantastic place to start.


Eight Mysteries & Thrillers About Women Who Raise Hell

In these stories, you'll meet women who have been forced to the very limits of their endurance. Some are trained investigators accustomed to confronting danger.

There's Nothing Like a Mother's Love_NovelSuspects

There’s Nothing Like a Mother’s Love

These six mystery & thriller books will scratch that itch for creepy, suspenseful, and surprising books about motherhood.


Jonathan Ames Shares Must Read Noir Fiction


Read The Excerpt: City on the Edge by David Swinson

Read The Excerpt: City on the Edge by David Swinson

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