28 of the Most Anticipated Crime Stories Coming Later This Year

28 of the Most Anticipated Crime Stories Coming This YearThe popularity of crime fiction cannot be understated as this year we’ve seen more and more mystery & thriller books heading the New York Times Best Sellers lists. From millennial cozy mysteries to hard-hitting police procedurals and detective / PI novels, the growing interest in stories from across the crime fiction spectrum is palpable. What is it that makes crime stories so appealing? We take a look at 28 of the most highly anticipated mysteries, thrillers, and true crime novels that will hit the shelves of book stores later this year to find out.

These titles range from hardboiled detective fiction in the vein of classic crime writers like Raymond Chandler to psychological suspense teeming with intrigue. They’re all vastly different in their tones, pacing, and plotlines with a few commonalities—all have nail-biting suspense, plots riddled with mysterious and dark atmospheres, and protagonists that are as unforgettable as they are committed to seeing their mission through to the end.