The Latest True Crime Titles

What We’re Reading True Crime EditionThough there are lots of true crime books about horrific murders, serial killers, and disturbing acts of violence, there are just as many about bloodless and non-violent crimes. One of the pleasures of the true crime genre is its diversity. Some true crime books are part memoir; some are pure investigation. Some weave history and social science into the narrative. Others are humorous and lighthearted. The six books on this list represent the vast difference that exists in true crime stories. They’re all nonfiction books, and yes, crime is involved in all of them—but that’s where the similarities end. Maybe you’re looking for a funny but thoughtful collection of stories about real-life female con artists. Or maybe what you want is a more traditional crime narrative about murder and its aftermath. Either way, you’re bound to find something that piques your interest on this list of six new true crime books.