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Tag: True Crime

Cold Cases_NovelSuspects

Cold Cases: Five Nonfiction Books About Unsolved Crimes

These five true crime books look at some of the most puzzling and fascinating cold cases—and they might even solve a few mysteries along the way.

Your Doorways to Another World_Dark Podcasts for Autumn Listening

Your Doorway to Another World: Four Dark Podcasts Worth a Listen

Ranging from the downright chilling to the darkly comedic, these four true crime and horror podcasts are not for the lighthearted...but they sure as hell are a good time. 

Ripper Retold

A Cold Case Like No Other: Revisiting Jack The Ripper

Revisit one of the most infamous cold cases in the world, the story of Jack the Ripper, with Pushkin's newest podcast Bad Women.

Redhanded Podcast

The RedHanded Podcast: Murder, True Crime, and Stories That Shock

We sat down with true crime podcasts from the RedHanded podcast to discuss their latest book from Hachette Books RedHanded.


Crime Books Coming This September

If you're a fan of mystery and suspense novels, you are going to be especially excited about crime fiction books hitting the shelves this September.

True Tales of Organized Crime, Cover-Ups, and Corruption

True Tales of Organized Crime, Cover-Ups, and Corruption

These terrifying tales are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat with the turn of every page.

This is a Robbery Documentary Netflix

The Best True Crime Documentaries of 2021 (So Far)

To help sort through the catalog of true crime documentaries, we lined up some of the best documentaries of 2021 so far with plenty more exciting ones to come.

Lost Hills Podcast

A Murder in Malibu: A Look at The True Crime Podcast ‘Lost Hills’

The true crime podcast Lost Hills covers the stunning true crime murder that shook Malibu, California in 2018.

Three Crime Podcasts That Should Be On Your Radar

Three Crime Podcasts That Should Be On Your Radar

If you're obsessed with all things true crime, these three true crime podcasts are great to queue up and get lost in!

What We’re Reading True Crime Edition

The Latest True Crime Titles

You're bound to find something that piques your interest on this list of six new true crime books.


Nonfiction Books That Shed Light on Crime in the Real World

If you're looking for some compelling books—the kind that keeps you wanting to turn pages—these nonfiction crime books are a great choice.

Meet the Woman Who Killed Over 600 Men

A story that will shock true crime fans everywhere: Meet the Woman Who Killed Over 600 Men. Giulia Tofana.

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