The Future of Crime Fiction? Technothrillers.

TechnothrillersNovelSuspectsThrillers about everyday occurrences and real-life situations are often the scariest, most satisfying ones to read. There’s something decidedly creepy about being able to imagine yourself in whatever situation is unfolding in a book. That’s one of the things that makes techno thrillers so unputdownable. Technology is part of our everyday life. Whether you’re an avid Twitter user or not, the internet is woven into the fabric of contemporary society. Technothrillers, even the ones set in dystopias, or the ones that center not-yet-invented forms of tech, explore the ways that technology, for good or ill, changes us. These five thrillers, though all very different, take a hard look at the internet, cybercrime, and the sometimes blurry lines between the computer screen and real life. If you’re looking for fast-paced, thought-provoking, and decidedly unsettling reading, these books are sure to satisfy.