5 Tales of Amateur Sleuths Saving the Day

5 Tales of Amateur Sleuths Saving the DayAmateur sleuths are among literature’s most beloved characters. So much more relatable than a grizzled cop or a genius detective, they are ordinary people who see something wrong and are willing to risk everything to set it right. Nancy Drew, the tenacious teen detective who confronts criminals with nothing but pluck and a flashlight, is the archetype for such characters. But amateur sleuths come in all shapes and sizes.

These five mystery novels feature untrained but keen-eyed investigators from every walk of life. They may be very different, but they all know how to think fast, use the resources available to them, and make the world safer for everyone. So get ready to match wits with a writer, a medical professional, a teen gang member, and more in the great crime books listed below!



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