Author Denise Mina’s Favorite True Crime Podcasts

Loved Conviction? Listen to Denise Mina's True Crime Podcasts RecommendationsIn her newest book, Conviction, Denise Mina melds true crime podcasts and fiction to create a heart-pounding adventure that whisks readers across Europe to investigate a fictional mystery stumping police, standers-by, and podcast listeners.

Anna MacDonald is a fairly typical woman who is stunned to learn that her husband is leaving her for her best friend. Rather than deal with reality, she retreats into one of her favorite pastimes–listening to true crime podcasts. Only, her newest listen, Death and the Dana is a part of her reality because the victim of the unsolved crime has a connection to someone from Anna’s past–a past that she has gone to extreme lengths to hide. In the wake of her husband’s abandonment, she sets off with her best friend’s husband, Finn, to find the truth.

Fascination with true crime and the rise of true crime podcasts largely inspired Mina’s latest mystery, so it should come as no surprise that Mina can make some recommendations as to her favorites. Here are seven of her favorite true crime podcast recommendations, and why you might want to listen to them if you loved Conviction!

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Whether your next listen is a book or a true crime podcast, we hope that you’ll find something great! For more books by Denise Mina, check out her complete catalog here!


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