The Best True Crime Podcasts of 2019 (So Far)

As true crime grows ever more popular, amazing new podcasts keep popping up. If you’re already in love with the most popular true crime podcasts (like Serial and My Favorite Murder), there are a ton of new ones popping up for you this year. If you’re like me, this is perfect. I marathon every true crime podcast I can get my hands—er, ears—on.

If you’re looking for your next favorite true crime podcast to listen to, I’ve got you! From the new Michael Connelly true crime podcast to the scandal of Silicon Valley startup Theranos, there’s something here for everyone.


The Best True Crime Podcasts of 2019 (So Far)


The Best True Crime Podcasts of 2019 (So Far)


Season One: The Tell-Tale Bullet


Bestselling author Michael Connelly has dipped his toes into the podcasting world. Author of over thirty mystery novels and one work of nonfiction, Connelly knows his way around crime stories. In the first season Murder Book, he tells the story of a car-jacking turned murder.


In 1987, Detective Rick Jackson is called to a crime scene outside a Hollywood nightclub. There he finds a car, a gun, a fingerprint, and a bullet (a tell-tale bullet, perhaps?). This would become the toughest case of his career.


It appeared that two men were in a car parked outside a nightclub. They were approached by a man with a gun. The passenger got away, but the driver wasn’t so lucky. Jay Clark died later in the hospital.


Join Michael Connelly and his wonderfully gravelly voice as he unravels what happened that night thirty-two years ago.





The bodies of the Hart family—two white women and their six adopted black children—were found in the wreckage of their vehicle on the rocks below California’s highway 1. There weren’t any tire marks to suggest the driver tried to stop. It appeared to be a murder-suicide, and it shocked everyone. On the surface they had seemed like the perfect, happy family. What happened?


From Glamour and the producers of HowStuffWorks comes Broken Harts, a horror story of secrets, control, abuse, and death. Hear the story from the people who were there: friends, family, neighbors, local news coverage. What led to this?


Though it’s a completely enthralling story, it may not be for everyone, as this story involves violence against children. Be aware of that before diving in.





This one is not a murder podcast—it’s a podcast about the startup Theranos and its creator Elizabeth Holmes. If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably heard of the recent book Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou. It tells the story of Theranos as well.


If you’ve read the book, the podcast might be repetitive to you. If you have not and would prefer to hear the story in podcast form, you absolutely should check out The Dropout. It’s completely fascinating. You’ll hear interviews with those involved, tapes from court proceedings, and more.


Find out how a university dropout managed to fundraise millions of dollars for her startup Theranos… without a functioning product. Chronicling the biggest scandal in Silicon Valley since Enron, The Dropout won’t disappoint.





Tommy Zeigler was convicted over forty years ago for the murder of four people. He has always maintained his innocence. As forensic science has moved forward over the years, Zeigler has been seeking to have the DNA evidence in his case tested. And yet the DNA goes untested and Zeigler remains on death row.


Blood and Truth follows Tommy Zeigler’s story. Is he really innocent? Why won’t they test the DNA? What really happened that day 42 years ago?





Donna Brown was robbed and murdered outside a Taco Bell in small-town Georgia. Devonia Inman was accused and convicted of her murder though he maintained his innocence. While he was waiting for his trial, brutal murders continued to happen.


Shaliesh Patel, a visitor to this small town, was murdered. His case is still open. Shopkeepers William Carroll Bennett and Rebecca Browning were beaten to death. The assailant was quickly caught. But it begs the question: is this the only murder this assailant has committed?


Murderville, GA attempts to link these cases together. Is it possible they were all committed by the same person? If so, wouldn’t that make Devonia Inman innocent? Follow along as the creators of Murderville, GA discuss the case, interview those involved, and uncover new evidence.




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