Watch: Sandra Brown on Her New Book TAILSPIN

The #1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown discusses her new book, Tailspin.

Plus: why she’s such a big fan of the television series The Americans, and why she’d want to work in security for the rich and famous (specifically, as a bodyguard for Tom Hardy, because… who wouldn’t?!).

Sandra Brown on Her New Book TAILSPIN | NOVEL SUSPECTS


1. Get Sandra Brown’s new book, Tailspin.


2. Start watching The Americans, one of Sandra’s favorite tv shows, which stars Kerri Russell and Matthew Rhys.


3. Sandra Brown wants to be Tom Hardy’s bodyguard and we can’t blame her. Hardy won our hearts when he starred in the movie adaptation of one of our favorite espionage thrillers, Child 44.


4. Want to know what Sandra Brown likes to read? Her favorite books of all time might surprise you.


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