Michael Connelly’s Lincoln Lawyer Series in Order

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Image courtesy: Netflix, Lincoln Lawyer (S1)

Bestselling author Michael Connelly specializes in detective novels, but with The Lincoln Lawyer series, he dips his toes into the world of legal thrillers. In The Lincoln Lawyer books, Connelly introduces us to the enigmatic and cynical criminal defense attorney Michael Haller (but you can call him Mickey). He’s been nicknamed the Lincoln Lawyer due to his penchant for dealing out of the back of his Lincoln town car. These books exist in the same world as Connelly’s popular Harry Bosch series. Not only so, but Bosch happens to be Mickey’s half-brother and makes appearances in the Mickey Haller books (and vice versa).


The Lincoln Lawyer Books in Order

This series first landed on my radar when I saw the film adaptation of the first book. The Lincoln Lawyer cast includes Hollywood heavyweights such as Matthew McConaughey as Mickey and Ryan Phillippe as Louis Roulet. Looking for where to go after The Lincoln Lawyer? Don’t worry, I got you. Check out Michael Connelly’s Lincoln Lawyer books in order.

Michael Connelly’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Returns for an Engaging Second Season on Netflix

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Image courtesy: Netflix, Lincoln Lawyer (S2)


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