The Best Horror Books of 2019

The Best Horror Books of 2019When it comes to being scared on purpose, I am 100% all for scary books, but I don’t enjoy scary movies, or haunted amusement rides, or anything else that might frighten me. I think it’s because it’s easy to be in control when the frights are confined to the page, and you only have your imagination to guide you, not images on a screen. I like to be in charge of frightening myself silly.

So scary books are the way to go. I love a good frightening novel, and not just in the Fall. I think they’re fun all year round. This year we had another terrific crop of frightening releases, and I managed to read a great many of them. From the apocalypse to haunted houses to serial killers, here are some of the best horror books of 2019, so you can also scare yourself silly. It’s fun, I promise.




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