6 Thrillers With Supernatural Elements

Supernatural thrillers

An ordinary mystery thriller is exciting enough. But throw some ghosts, ghouls, and curses into the mix, and you’ve got an adventure. Supernatural elements add an extra dimension to any story, forcing the characters to confront forces far greater—and far stranger—than themselves. Even more difficult is the personal reflection they must undertake when they encounter unexplainable phenomena, and when they must put their own skepticism or beliefs aside to save someone they love. Whether you’re new to the genre or you’ve been reading supernatural thrillers for years, the six books listed here are sure to unnerve you.


Eileen Gonzalez is a freelance writer from Connecticut. She has a Master’s degree in communications and years of experience writing about pop culture. She contributes to Book Riot and Foreword Reviews, and she occasionally tweets at @eileen2thestars.