Gritty and Nostalgic: Our Favorite Classic Noir Mysteries

Our Favorite Classic Noir Mysteries_FeaturedImage_NovelSuspectsOne of the true joys of reading mysteries is that they come in just about every genre, from the supernatural to the psychological to the cozy. Noir mysteries, just like cozies or thrillers or any other kind of mystery, have their own distinct feel. If you’re in the mood for gritty stories with morally dubious protagonists, or if you’re feeling nostalgic for classic detective stories, these six noir mysteries will hit the spot. The characters in these novels often make less-than-stellar choices. The atmospheres are grim. Whether set in postwar 1940s LA, a tight-knit working class neighborhood in 1960s Queens, or deep in the Missouri Ozarks, these books explore the often blurry lines between good and evil.