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Jonathan Ames Shares Must Read Noir Fiction

6 Gritty Noir Tales With Unforgettable Plots

If you’re looking for some excellent examples of contemporary gritty noir fiction, check out these titles.

Must-Read Los Angeles Crime Fiction

Eight Must-Read Los Angeles Crime Fiction Novels

From historical fiction to novels based on true crime, we've rounded up eight great works of crime fiction set in Los Angeles that you must read.

The Intoxicating World of Noir Fiction

The Intoxicating World of Noir Fiction

What exactly is noir fiction? Because noir is more about a feeling than defining traits, and because the scope of noir fiction is ever expanding, a good definition of the…

Our Favorite Classic Noir Mysteries_FeaturedImage_NovelSuspects

Gritty and Nostalgic: Our Favorite Classic Noir Mysteries

These noir mysteries will take you back to the classic detective story.


Crime and Mystery Meet Film Noir

While film noir ceased to be a big presence in Hollywood around the 1950s, its spirit lives on.

The Best Noir Authors

The Best Noir Authors

Here are 14 of the best noir books and authors, including Megan Abbott, Dashiel Hammett, James Ellroy, Patricia Highsmith, and more!

The Best L.A. Thrillers to Read This Summer Novel Suspects Featured Image

5 Gripping L.A. Thrillers to Read Right Now

Five gripping L.A. thrillers by Michael Connelly, James Ellroy, and more that showcase the good, the bad, the glamorous, and the places in between.

This “Classic” Noir Novel is a Must Read

Black Wings Has My Angel is a must-read for fans of the classic noir novel.

Out by Natsuo Kirino

A Literary Mystery With a To-the-Death War Between the Sexes

Four women trapped in abusive relationships, mountains of debt, and mind-numbing jobs come together after one of them snaps and kills her abusive husband.

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