Four Killer Flicks To Sweeten Your Valentine’s Day

The season of love has finally arrived and with it plenty of reason to break out the remote and tune into some classic romantic suspense and crime drama movies. Whether you watch one of these killers flicks by yourself, with friends, or with a partner, you’re in for a ride—and a sprinkle of romance (the good and bad kind). Though we can’t guarantee you a happy ending, rest assured these movies are perfect for mystery and suspense lovers like us.



Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005) – Despite the recent turn of events, there is no denying Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have an on-screen chemistry that’s unparalleled. This badass romantic thriller follows a married couple who unbeknownst to their significant other are both high-level assassins on an assignment that may end with one—or both—of them dead. Watch it solo with a box of chocolates or share in the steaminess with your one and only, either way, this film is a must-watch for anyone who loves their crime mingled with drama and romance.


A Good Marriage (2014) – Do we ever truly know the people in our lives? A Good Marriage takes a closer look at that very question. From the master of horror, Stephen King, A Good Marriage has the types of twists and turns only King can provide. With a serial killer on the loose and a secret threatening to tear one marriage apart, this is the perfect crime-filled drama to watch on Valentine’s Day.


The Resident (2011) – Hilary Swank takes the lead in The Resident, about a woman who captures the unwanted attention of an obsessive landlord once she moves into a New York highrise. If you like books featuring stalkers or obsessive personalities, this movie is right up your alley. Not even the stunning backdrop of New York City will be able to keep your skin from crawling. And it goes to show there is no such thing as the perfect, price-friendly apartment in New York City.


My Bloody Valentine (1981) – Would it really be a Valentine’s Day film roundup without mention of My Bloody Valentine? We think not. If you haven’t already watched this cult classic, Valentine’s Day (quarantine edition) is really the perfect time to check it off your list. My Bloody Valentine follows a group of small-town students and the unknown assailant hell-bent on picking them off one by one. The irony of it all? The murders all occur on Valentine’s Day when all the students want to do is celebrate the beauty and love of life.