Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: A Romantic Suspense Roundup

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: A Romantic Suspense RoundupOne of the most popular genres today is romantic suspense. “What is ‘romantic suspense’?” you may be wondering. While it sounds like that time in a book when you’re reading along and waiting and waiting for those two characters who are perfect for one another to finally kiss, it’s actually when a romance novel also has a mystery or thriller plot. So it’s like lots of suspense mixed in the kissing parts. (I say ‘kissing parts’ to be funny, but some of these are HOT.)

Solving mysteries, getting smooched—what great fun! Many of you are probably reading this because you love romantic suspense novels and are looking for more suggestions. Or maybe you’re looking to get started in the genre! You’re probably familiar with some of the big names in romantic suspense—like Nora Roberts, Iris Johansen, Sandra Brown, or Brenda Novak—but you don’t know what books to read. Either way, below is a list of great romantic suspense novels sure to please any reader. They combine the best elements of romance with the thrill of danger to make for a satisfying read.



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