The Best Books in Iris Johansen’s Eve Duncan Series, According to Goodreads

Iris Johansen's Best Eve Duncan BooksIf you visit the mystery section of any bookstore, you are sure to see Iris Johansen books. An award-winning, bestselling author, Johansen once worked taking reservations for an airline in the early 1980s, before she decided to try her hand at writing books. After a successful decade of writing romance novels, she started shifting more toward thrillers, and that’s when her career really took off.

Today, Johansen has more than 100 novels under her belt, which is simply astonishing. Of all those books, it’s her Eve Duncan series that fans love the most. Johansen introduced Eve, a forensic sculptor, in 1998 with Face of Deception. Using her talents as an artist, she reconstructs faces on skulls to help identify bodies. It’s a way for her to deal with the loss of her own daughter, who was taken and never found.

Of course, identifying people who aren’t meant to be discovered makes Eve a target for all kinds of danger, sending her off on many thrilling adventures. And I mean many: There are more than two dozen titles in the series now, the latest being Smokescreenan action-packed thriller that takes place across a remote African jungle.


In what is an incredible feat, every single book in the Eve Duncan series has an amazing rating on Goodreads. It’s always fun to read a series in order, but if you’re not a stickler for structure, or you’re looking to revisit the series, this list is for you.


The 10 Best-Rated Eve Duncan Books, According to Goodreads





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