The Best of Daphne Du Maurier

Daphne Du Maurier_novelsuspects

If you’re looking for the best of Daphne Du Maurier’s novels, this list has you covered. Maybe you’ve heard of the author Daphne Du Maurier, but you aren’t sure which of her books to read first. Or you’re already a fan, and you want to know what to read next. Here are DuMaurier’s seven best novels, perfect for both newer fans of her work and those who have long loved this author’s dark, suspenseful writing.
While Daphne Du Maurier’s bestselling novels were not taken seriously by critics when they were first released, they were instantly beloved by readers. And these novels have since become classics, inspiring many contemporary authors who admire Du Maurier’s ability to create dark, moody atmospheres in her fiction. Du Maurier’s first novel was published in 1931, and from 1931 until her death in 1989, the author published several novels, plays, short fiction, and works of nonfiction. She also has a collection of short fiction that was published posthumously in 2011. This list, however, will focus on the genre she is most known for: her compelling psychological thrillers, crime stories, and suspense novels.


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