10 Suspenseful Novels Set in Hotels, Motels, and Inns

10 Suspenseful Novels Set in Hotels, Motels, and InnsAh, vacation. You work so hard, you certainly deserve one, and you can’t wait for it to start. But then there are complications: the airline loses your luggage, you forgot to pack your swimsuit, the people in the room next to yours turn the TV volume up in the middle of the night, etc. Let’s face it, vacations never go exactly as we plan them. But luckily, they’re nothing like the stories in these 10 suspenseful mystery novels set in hotels, motels, and inns!

Hotels and motels and inns are great settings for mystery suspense novels, because there are so many strangers, who may not be who they claim to be, and so many places for a killer to hide! Imagine checking into a hotel to start your vacation, only to discover someone had been murdered in the room you now occupy? Or hear a scream in the night and awaken to find someone was murdered down the hall? And now you and all the other guests—and the murderer!—are trapped in the building together without a working phone because of a record snowstorm? In these books, the thrills are chilling, and the chills are thrilling. Get cozy in the comfort of your own home and check out these 10 great suspense books.