The Five Highest-Rated Stephen King Books According to Goodreads

Highest-Rated Stephen King Books According to GoodreadsThere’s no doubt about it. Stephen King is a titan of writing, specifically horror fiction—though he dipped his hand into the crime space time and time again. We’re huge fans of King’s ability to tell uncanny stories with unforgettable characters. Each book he puts out adds something to our to-be-read list. With dozens of books, popular opinion is divided when looking for a place to start with the King of Horror. We wanted to know…what are the highest-rated Stephen King books out there? And we were excited to find some pleasant surprises.

Because there are such a wide array of King books with anywhere from 30,000 to over 200k ratings, we wanted to ensure we considered the widest range of opinions. We included only those books with over 100k ratings. For the purposes of this post, we also did not include book sets commonly seen on Goodreads and did not include any of Stephen King’s nonfiction or anthologies, excluding The Green Mile, which was originally published as a series. With that being said, let’s get into it. What are Stephen King’s highest-rated books, anyhow? And yes, these five highest-rated King books are in order.