Most Anticipated Debut Books of 2023

Debut_NS_2023New year, new authors. These up-and-coming authors are serving us dazzling debut novels to keep us entertained throughout the year. Like many of us, these characters are hoping for a fresh start. An opportunity of a lifetime sends Alex to an estate and on the road to becoming the author she’s always dreamed of. Maya thought she could forget about her past and live in Boston with her boyfriend. Clare arrives in Edinburgh to reinvent herself and becomes a part of an exclusive circle. But these characters find out that attaining their dreams isn’t as sweet as they thought it to be. As they get closer and closer to the truth, something more sinister comes to light. With masterful prose and thrilling plots, these new additions to your bookshelf will make 2023 all the better.



Emily Hoang is a writer and editor, who is obsessed with haunted houses, ghosts, and dreams. More info can be found on her website.