It’s All Relative: Twisted Siblings and Family Secrets in Mysteries & Thrillers

Twisted Sisters and Family SecretsHow well can you really know anyone? Think about it. Even with your best friends, your closest family members—even your twin sibling, if you have one—there are things you’ll never know about another person. It’s just a fact. You can’t know everything. That’s what makes mysteries in psychological thrillers so exciting and realistic! Sure, sometimes the storyline is over the top and full of shocking details and scary suspense, but the idea that you can never truly know another person is what makes suspense books truly frightening. Maybe it’s a mom with a long-buried secret from when she was in college. Maybe a husband has a secret family he hasn’t told his new family about. Maybe a brother is involved in organized crime and he can’t find a way out. There are so many secrets. Whatever secrets the families are hiding in these ten great crime fiction novels, they are sure to keep you reading on the edge of your seat.