Sandie Jones Gives Us Her Top Destination Thrillers

Sandie Jones Gives Us Her Top Destination Thrillers_NovelSuspectsIt’s not hard to see why destination thrillers are making a big splash this summer. After the year we’ve had, when we’ve not known when we’ll next be in a restaurant, let along on a beach, sipping a cocktail under a palm tree, a novel set in paradise seems like the next best thing. Albeit, I had no idea, when writing The Guilt Trip; a domestic suspense played out on the coast of Portugal, that it would be the closest I’d get to my second home for a very long time.

But even when we’ve been able to travel freely, thrillers set on vacation, have always been a hit with readers. We look to a novel to escape; to take us away from our everyday lives and immerse us in someone else’s. So when a character lives just a few blocks away, or the story is set in the town next to ours, it’s not quite as enthralling as being whisked off to the Caribbean or a hotspot in Europe!

So if you’re itching to get away, jump on board and I’ll fly you to my favourite destination thrillers….

First stop is The Holiday by T.M. Logan which features four best friends who take their families on holiday to a beautiful villa in the South of France. Suspicions arise and friendships falter as Kate is forced to acknowledge that someone is out to destroy her family, but which of her girlfriends is it?

The plane journey itself features in Hostage by Clare Macintosh as air hostess Mina, is forced to make an impossible decision on board the inaugural non-stop flight from London to Sydney. Should she save the lives of hundreds of passengers or the one that matters most…her daughter? You’ll not want to open your eyes until you’ve landed!

There’s a layover in Bora Bora as married couple, Erin and Mark quite literally discover Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman. Their once solid relationship is rocked to the core as they deliberate what to do with their discovery, because not everyone wants to do the right thing. But if they don’t work together, someone’s going to end up dead.

Our final destination is The Safe House by Anna Downes, where Emily leaves her old life in London behind for the lure of a summer job on a French estate. But when she gets there, she quickly realises that the couple she’s working for are playing a dangerous game and joining in may be her only chance of escape.

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