Best Jo Nesbø Harry Hole Books According to Goodreads

Best Jo Nesbo Harry Hole Books According to Goodreads_NovelSuspectsScandinavian detective fiction is a genre all its own. Norwegian writer and jack-of-all-trades Jo Nesbø has made a chilling contribution to the realm of mystery suspense with the series starring his most famous character, Detective Harry Hole. Hole is, like many of literature’s best-loved detectives, a man with many problems. He struggles with alcoholism and mental illness, and he is even willing to break the law to maintain law and order. But if there is an unsolved crime in Oslo, you couldn’t ask for a more determined, more dedicated detective than Harry Hole.

There are currently twelve entries in the Harry Hole series, which has sold millions of copies worldwide since Hole debuted in 1997’s The Bat. All of the books are well-loved by fans, but which ones represent the very best of the series? According to Goodreads ratings, the books listed below contain Hole’s most compelling adventures. If you want to find out why mystery suspense fans love Nesbø’s unlovable detective so much, this is the place to start. Ending with the most popular title of all, here are the top five Harry Hole mystery books, according to Goodreads!



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