The Swedish Inspector That Sprouted a Bestselling Mystery Series

New to Ann Lindell Mysteries? Here's Where to Start_Novel SuspectsSwedish writer Kjell Eriksson has won international acclaim for his books about Ann Lindell, a police inspector with a flair for solving difficult cases and a somewhat troubled personal life. Lindell’s professional prowess, combined with Eriksson’s suspenseful writing style and top-notch translators, have earned these mystery books plenty of awards and a loyal, worldwide fanbase. If you are wondering what the fuss is about, which Ann Lindell books should you try first? This article starts with the best of the series and works its way through the other fantastic Ann Lindell adventures. Pick one, or try the whole collection. Either way, you’re in for a world of excitement, grisly deeds, and, in the end, justice.


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