The Best Books About Identity Theft and Deception

catch me if you can movieOn the “Money Tree” episode of Criminal podcast, author Axton Betz-Hamilton discusses the story behind her new book The Less People Know About Us, a true crime memoir described by Publishers Weekly as “astonishing and disturbing . . . perfect for true crime fans.” As a child, Betz-Hamilton’s family suffered through the repercussions of identity theft. As a college student, she once again found herself a victim of the crime. Now an expert in identity theft, she’s dedicated her life to understanding the intricacies of the motivations, consequences, and nuances of the crime. Read about her picks for the best true crime books about identity theft and deception below.


About the Author

Axton Betz-Hamilton is an expert in identity theft, having personal experience that she’s now turned into a career. After discovering her own mother had stolen hers and her father’s identities for years, Axton made understanding the nuances of identity theft her life’s work. She frequently speaks on the topic at a wide range of conferences and has won multiple awards for her research, teaching, and service.

Axton has a Master’s degree in Consumer Sciences and Retailing and a PhD in Human Development and Family Studies, focusing on child identity theft and elder financial exploitation perpetrated by family members. She teaches at South Dakota State University.