Identity Theft, Inc

A Wild Ride with the World's #1 Identity Thief

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ON SALE: October 1st 2006

Publisher: Disinformation Books


An identity thief recounts how he pulled off the cybercrime of the century–and got away with it–in this true crime memoir.

Identity theft is the crime of the century–so says con man turned security consultant Frank Abagnale in his book Catch Me If You Can. So here, then, is the true-crime book of the century: the life and crimes of expert identity thief Glen Hastings.

Hastings takes readers inside the world of cutting-edge cybercrime, revealing how he got rich off of assuming the identities of hundreds of unsuspecting people. Beyond detailing the secrets of the trade, Hastings shares the wild but true stories about his many impersonations. But while many of these stories have entertaining and incredible twists, Hastings is making his story public in order to repent for his crimes. He offers expert tips on how to protect yourself from the gangs of ID thieves thriving in the real and virtual worlds of today.

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