The Incredibly Delightful Auntie Poldi Series by Mario Giordano

The Incredibly Delightful Auntie Poldi Series by Mario GiordanoMario Giordano’s Auntie Poldi books are a delightful treat of a series starring a 60-year-old Bavarian woman living in Italy who is a force to reckon with! And by that I, mean she drinks a lot, speaks her mind–asked or not–and it’s best, and wise, to always get out of her way. My kind of woman!

Auntie Poldi (Isolde Oberreider) may have retired to Sicily with hopes for a calm and tranquil life, but this is a murder mystery series, so there will be none of that–her retirement will be spent solving murders, of course! If you’ve yet to discover this quirky and fun series, it’ll be my pleasure to guide you through the books!



Whether you’re looking for a beach read, spring park read, a fall companion for your pumpkin-flavored something or a book to curl up with during winter Auntie Poldi will surely delight and entertain you. And maybe inspire you to retire to a small village, take up a lover, and start solving murders!


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