The Best Books in Iris Johansen’s Kendra Michaels Series, According to Goodreads

The Best Books in Iris Johansen's Kendra Michael Series, According to GoodreadsIt all started with a short story: In June of 2012, Iris Johansen published With Open Eyes, co-authored with her son, Roy. Now, by this point, there were already almost 100 Iris Johansen books out in the world, many featuring the forensic sculptor Eve Duncan, but this collaboration introduced readers to a new character: Kendra Michaels.

Kendra is a music therapist, but she is also a law enforcement agency’s dream come true. Not only is she brilliant, but she was blind for the first twenty years of her life before a radical surgical procedure gave her the ability of sight. It left Kendra with hyper-senses, such as a heightened sense of smell and acute hearing. She can recognize the sound of a particular brand of car engine, or detect trace scents at crime scenes the agents may have missed. Still, Kendra isn’t keen on investigative work, but she can’t deny that she is great at it. In With Open Eyes, Kendra helps investigate the disappearance of her mentor’s fiancé, a case that someone doesn’t want her to solve.

Since Kendra Michaels’ introduction to the literary world, there have been seven novels in the Kendra Michaels series from the mother-son duo. The latest, Hindsight, the case hits close to home for Kendra when two staff members are murdered at the school for the blind where Kendra spent her formative years. And as she investigates the seemingly unrelated deaths, Kendra discovers that she herself may be the key to the puzzle.

So let’s take a look at Kendra’s other adventures after With Open Eyes. Whether you are looking for a thrilling new series, or wish to revisit the Kendra Michael series, this list is sure to help!



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