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A Guide to All Seal Team Six Books in Order

A Guide to All Seal Team Six Books in OrderWhen it comes to most things in life, experience really helps. When you go to a fancy restaurant, your food is prepared by someone who knows how to cook. When you want to learn a new language, you take lessons from someone who can speak it. So it makes sense that if you want to read an action-packed book about an elite team of Navy SEALS, you should pick the series written by one!

Don Mann is that guy. For three decades, he has been associated with the Navy SEALS as a platoon member, assault team member, boat crew leader, advanced training officer, and program director for BUD/s (SEAL Training). He was on active duty with SEAL Team Six until 1998 and has deployed to the Middle East on numerous occasions since, in support of the war on terror. He has suffered two broken backs, two pulmonary embolisms, and multiple other broken bones, in training or service, and twice survived being captured during operations.  So, yeah, you could say that he knows what he’s talking about.

In 2012, Mann wrote about his experiences as a member of SEAL Team Six in Inside SEAL Team Six, which became a national bestseller. He then joined up with playwright, screenwriter, and journalist Ralph Pezzullo to write a thriller series based on SEAL Team Six, starting with Hunt the Wolf.

Before I tell you about the books, let me tell you about SEAL Team Six, in case you don’t know what it is. Founded in 1980, SEAL Team Six is the U.S. Navy’s premier hostage rescue and counter-terrorism unit, like the U.S. Army has its Delta Force. So basically, they go in and handle the REALLY dangerous stuff.

And that’s what the SEAL Team Six books are all about. In part because of Mann’s expertise based on his own experiences as a commando, this is a thrill-a-minute adventure series that is sure to please action novel lovers, Tom Clancy fans, and military adventure enthusiasts. (And make you want to give all your activities cool code names.)



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