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Best Crime TV Series: British Edition

Vicky McClure (Kate) and Kelly Macdonald (Jo Davison) – Courtesy of BritBox

Looking for something new to stream? Travel across the world with these international TV series.

Line of Duty

In the latest season of this thrilling police drama, AC-12 face their most enigmatic adversary yet. Detective Chief Inspector Joanna Davidson played by Kelly Macdonald (Boardwalk Empire), the senior investigating officer in a high-profile unsolved murder investigation. Davidson’s unconventional conduct raises AC-12’s suspicions, as they begin to challenge the facts of the case and question whether Davidson is doing everything in her power to find the perpetrator. The team conduct an urgent investigation into Davidson, but upheavals within AC-12 itself threaten to tear their work apart.

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Richie Campbell (DS Glenn Branson) and John Simm (DSI Roy Grace) – Courtesy of BritBox


Starring John Simm (White Dragon) as the tenacious Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, this brand new thriller is based on the first two stories in the series: Dead Simple and Looking Good Dead. Hard-working Brighton-based detective Roy Grace has given his life to the job, but his career is at rock bottom. Exiled to running enquiries into long forgotten cold cases, the disappearance of his beloved wife, Sandy, still haunts his thoughts. Following another reprimand for his unorthodox methods, Grace risks being moved from the job he loves most. With so much at stake, his colleague Detective Sergeant Glenn Branson, played by Richie Campbell (Small Axe) knows Grace has more to give and asks him for help with a case.

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Tala Gouveia (DCI Lauren McDonald) and Jason Watkins (DS Dodds) – Courtesy of BritBox

McDonald & Dodds

Newly promoted, the ambitious DCI McDonald played by Tala Gouveia has swapped the mean streets of London to leap up the career ladder in picturesque Bath. A tough, driven, battering ram of a cop, McDonald cracks cases through sheer force of will. When she’s partnered with veteran Sergeant Dodds played by Jason Watkins, the pair instantly lock horns over their different approaches to policing – and to life. The tortoise to her hare, Dodds is quiet and unassuming, with a hidden talent for deciphering puzzles. This season DCI McDonald and the unassuming DS Dodds return with a growingly rumbustious, and ultimately highly effective crime solving partnership. As McDonald adjusts to life in picturesque Bath, she and DS Dodds investigate deaths across the supposedly sleepy Avon Valley. In each episode, they must investigate a new and compelling crime.

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Kelly Macdonald (Jo Davison) – Courtesy of BritBox


A body buried in Dundee 18 years ago. A daughter left behind. A murder unsolved. Until now – because Emma Hedges played by Molly Windsor needs to find out what happened to her mum. With help from colleagues at the Scottish Institute of Forensic Science and Anatomy, she follows the trail of evidence. It leads her to new love, old friends, and plunges her into a police investigation. This is a world of danger and deceit. Will Emma have the nerve to follow the evidence no matter where it takes her? Also starring Jennifer Spence (Supernatural), Martin Compston (Line of Duty), and Laura Fraser (Better Call Saul).

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Alexandria Riley (Ella Richards) and Luke Evans (Steve Wilkins) – Courtesy of BritBox

The Pembrokeshire Murders 

Two unsolved double murders from the 1980s cast a long shadow over the work of the Dyfed-Powys police force. In 2006, newly promoted Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins played by Luke Evans (Nine Perfect Strangers) decided to reopen both cases. Employing pioneering forensic methods, Wilkins and his handpicked team found microscopic DNA and fibers that potentially linked the murders to a string of burglaries committed in the 80s and 90s. The perpetrator of those crimes was nearing the end of his prison sentence, but if Steve Wilkins was right, he was also a serial killer … Could Steve and his team unease this enough forensic evidence to charge their suspect before he was released to potentially kill again?

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Pearl Mackie (Jen Rafferty) and Ben Aldridge (Matthew Venn) – Courtesy of BritBox

The Long Call 

Inspired by the bestselling novel of the same name, this atmospheric crime drama brings to life a new deeply engrossing mystery from Ann Cleeves, creator of Vera and Shetland. Featuring Ann’s signature chilling twists and starkly beautiful settings, The Long Call centers on its intriguing and flawed protagonist, Detective Inspector Mathew Venn played by Ben Aldridge (Fleabag). We first meet the reserved but intense Matthew at his father’s funeral in North Devon with his husband, the small community he grew up in but walked away 20 years ago after being rejected by his family. Now he’s back, not just to mourn his father, but also to take charge of his first murder case. Finding the killer is Matthew’s only focus, and his team’s investigation will take him straight back into the community he left behind – and the deadly secrets that lurk there. Also starring Pearl Mackie (Doctor Who) and Juliet Stevenson (Riviera).

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Shetland S6 BBC
Alison O’Donnell (DS Alison McIntosh) – Courtesy of BritBox


Based on the best-selling books by award-winning crime writer Ann Cleeves, Shetland follows Detective Jimmy Perez played by Douglas Henshall (Outlander) and his team as they investigate crime within the close-knit island community. Season 6 will see Perez and his team investigate the doorstep murder of a leading figure on Shetland that takes a shockingly sinister turn. The new series will also see the return of murderer Donna Killick, whose compassionate release aggrieves many of the locals not least Kate Kilmuir, the victim’s sister.

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Josephine Jobert as DS Florence Cassell  – Courtesy of BritBox

Death in Paradise

The smash-hit whodunit returns, as D.I. Neville Parker played by Ralf Little (Inside No. 9) attempts to solve a slew of mysterious murders in the sun-soaked Caribbean. The hugely popular comedy-drama is back for its tenth anniversary series with its usual combination of baffling murders, intriguing puzzles and famous guest stars. There are also some big surprises in store – starting with the shock return of D.S Florence Cassell played by Josephine Jobert (Division9) Can Florence help Neville embrace life on the island? New characters turn up on shore – including 18-year-old petty criminal Marlon Pryce played by Tahj Miles (Small Axe), who quickly stirs up trouble. The arrival of twins is the least of JP’s challenges as Marlon, and work, tests him to his limits. Meanwhile, Selwyn played by Don Warrington (Hamlet) finds himself in the firing line and Catherine played by Elizabeth Bourgine (Written in Blood) faces grave danger following the death of a friend.

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Sean Bean (Mark Hebden) – Courtesy of BritBox


In this moving series written by award winner Jimmy McGovern (Banished), Mark Cobden played by Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) is a husband and father like any other. Except that he’s responsible for the death of an innocent man. Tortured by visions of his victim, Mark welcomes his four-year sentence as penance for his crime. But in this brutal environment, a former teacher is any easy target for the more ruthless residents. Eric McNally played by Stephen Graham (Line of Duty) is a dedicated prison officer, doing his best to protect those in his charge. And in an understaffed prison that’s brimming with tension, the inmates’ safety rests on a knife-edge. When a dangerous convict threatens to hurt someone Eric loves, this honest man faces an impossible choice.

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Fisun Burgess (Behya) – Courtesy of BritBox


When DCI Caroline Goode played Keeley Hawes (Bodyguard) discovered that Banaz played by Buket Komur (What Is Your Name) had been to the police five times to report threats to her life from members of her own family, she was appalled that her colleagues had missed multiple chances to prevent this so-called “honour” killing. Caroline vowed that she would not rest until she finally got justice for Banaz. It was a promise that would quickly become all-consuming. Written by Gwyneth Hughes, Honour is a tense and moving drama that brings this important true story, and a detective’s unwavering quest, vividly to life.

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Rory Kinnear (Lord Lucan) and Christopher Eccleston (Josh Aspinall) – Courtesy of BritBox


On November 7th, 1974, Sandra Rivett, nanny to the aristocratic Lucan family, was found bludgeoned to death. Soon after, prime suspect Lord Lucan played by Rory Kinnear (No Time To Die) disappeared, never to be seen again. It was the scandal which rocked the establishment. Lucan portrays the glamourous world of the attractive Earl and tells the incredible true story of the dark life which lay behind the public image. Lucan blows away the myth of gentleman fugitive to reveal the corruption and lies of the elite protecting an old friend. The gripping, original drama from the makers of Mrs Biggs and Appropriate Adult answers one of the greatest mysteries of modern times. What happened to Lord Lucan?

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The Tower BBC
Gemma Whelan (DS Sarah Collins) – Courtesy of BritBox

The Tower 

The Tower is based on the acclaimed debut novel by Kate London, a former detective who spent eight years in the Metropolitan Police’s homicide squad. A veteran cop and a teenager fall to their deaths from a tower block in London’s East End. Left alive on the roof are rookie police officer Lizzie Adama played by Tahirah Sharif (The Haunting of Bly Manor) and a five-year-old boy. Within hours, Lizzie has disappeared. As DSI officer Sarah Collins played by Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones) sets out to uncover the truth around the grisly deaths, the investigation takes her into the dark heart of policing in a complex and diverse city. The Tower will bring this thrilling, intelligent crime story to screen – a tale grounded in the terrifying realities of life on the beat.

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Dougray Scott (Ray Lennox) and JoannaVanderham (Amanda Drummond) – Courtesy of BritBox


Based on the novel by Irvine Welsh, Crime follows the gripping story of Detective Inspector Ray Lennox played by Dougray Scott (Taken 3) a man whose clear sight is as much a blessing as it is a curse. A girl goes missing. A town is in fear. A police department fights with itself. A hero is lost, tortured by his own demons. And all the while—watching, waiting—a brutal killer is poised to strike. Prepare to enter this dangerous world and the troubled mind of Ray Lennox—a man engaged in his own disturbing battle, all while undertaking serious crime investigations in the glaring light of the public arena. Crime Premiers December 14th.

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Vera S11 BritBox
Rina Mahoney (Aliah Kapoor), Brenda Blethyn (DCI Vera Stanhope), and Kenny Doughty (DS Aiden Healy) – Courtesy of BritBox


DCI Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn, Kate & Koji, Secrets & Lies) returns, leading her diligent team of detectives as they investigate complex and murderous crimes. Whether it’s to flush out the truth behind the death of a well-respected local builder or braving the stark natural beauty of Northumberland National Park to follow in the footsteps of her unfortunate victim, Vera will bring her usual brand of searing insight, caustic wit and fearless detection to cases involving unbelievable betrayals, toxic obsessions and long-buried secrets.

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