Seven Must-Read Mystery & Thriller Graphic Novels

Seven Mystery Suspense Graphic Novels_NovelSuspectsGraphic novels are stories told through illustrations as well as words. They are often referred to as comics or comic books. Despite popular misconceptions, graphic novels are not only for children: many are created specifically with adult audiences in mind, as proven by the mystery thrillers listed below. An absorbing blend of rich prose and atmospheric illustrations can make any mystery come alive before your eyes.

The seven graphic novels featured here make excellent use of the medium to tell stories of murder and other dastardly goings-on. Whether you are new to comics or read nothing but, these ones are sure to stay with you long after you reach the final panel.


Eileen Gonzalez is a freelance writer from Connecticut. She has a Master’s degree in communications and years of experience writing about pop culture. She contributes to Book Riot and Foreword Reviews, and she occasionally tweets at @eileen2thestars.