Red Notice and the Art of the Heist

Red Notice and the Art of the Heist_NovelSuspects
Gal Godot eyes Cleopatra’s golden egg in Red Notice. Frank Masi/Netflix © 2021

Netflix’s Red Notice has become a huge sensation, taking audiences by storm and solidifying the popular streaming service as the future of moviemaking almost overnight. In this blockbuster-style film, an FBI profiler and an art theft played by Ryan Reynolds and Dwyane Johansen, plot the ultimate heist to catch an elusive criminal who always seems to be one step ahead of them. The popularity of this movie, a tried and true trope paired with good-timed comic relief, maybe a surprise to some but we crime fiction lovers have always known the art of the heist is almost too tempting to resist. From high-profile heists, only the best detectives can solve to master art thieves from historical literature, the art of the heist is all about wits, timing, and a crew that is willing to do anything to complete the mission. If you loved the thrills and adventure in Red Notice, we’ve got five heist and heist-adjacent books you’ll want to pick up. At their center is the mission, but more than that these heist books pair unforgettable characters with a masterful knowledge of how to commit the perfect crime. After all, heists are an artform all their own.