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Six Books You Should Read After Watching Only Murders in the Building

Books to Read After Watching Only Murder in the BuildingA serendipitous meeting of strangers. The backdrop of a glamorous city with an idiosyncratic set of characters to match. A Gatsbyesque building pregnant with secrets. All the makings of a murder mystery. Recently Hulu released Only Murders in the Building, starring Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, and Martin Short. With a sparkling of humor that leads characters to wildly unpredictable places, the anthropomorphization of a Manhattan building as gleaming and chic as the city outside its walls, and an all-star cast, Only Murders in the Building is the kooky yet enduring TV show we’ve been waiting for. Not to mention that there’s something so bookish about it that we can’t get enough of. As the season comes to an end, we’re left searching for a replacement—and with Knives Out 2 still filming—we’ll let’s just say nothing streaming right now will scratch that itch. So we’ve rounded up six murder mysteries perfect at capturing the spirit of Only Murders in the Building for those like us who don’t want to mystery to ever come to an end.