Mystery & Suspense Novels About Parties Gone Wrong

Novels About Parties Turned Nightmarish_NovelSuspects

There are countless suspense books out there about parties gone wrong. It’s a setup that never seems to get old. Wedding parties, college reunions, honeymoons, the glamorous galas of the rich and famous: it’s a universal truth that parties make fantastic settings for mystery books. If you’re on the lookout for new stories about parties-turned-nightmares, these six books are a great place to start. From old-fashioned murder mysteries to chilling psychological thrillers and character-driven suspense novels, there’s a book here for every kind of reader (and practically every kind of party). But be warned: these mystery books might make you think twice the next time you’re invited to a wedding on a beautiful island, or a group of old friends suggests taking a weeklong vacation in the middle of winter.