Sneaky Sneaky: 8 Great Books About Amateur Sleuths

8 Great Books About Amateur Sleuths_NovelSuspectsThere are a lot of careers that people have that can also be done by amateurs. You can play football without being on a team in the NFL; you can enjoy walking around on a sunny day and watching birds through binoculars without being an ornithologist; the list goes on and on. Not every job should be done as a hobby or by an amateur. (For instance, you wouldn’t want to go to an amateur doctor.) But one profession that benefits greatly from the help of amateurs, especially in mystery books, is that of the amateur sleuth.

Made most popular by Agatha Christie with her character of Miss Marple, an elderly lady with an insatiable curiosity and great powers of deduction, over the last century the amateur sleuth has become a mainstay of the mystery genre. Now amateur sleuth books feature a wide range of characters with varying professions who also help solve crimes. Bakers, butlers, beauticians, bird watchers—anyone with an interest in getting to the bottom of a mystery can be an amateur sleuth. The characters in these eight great mysteries prove time and again that you don’t have to have a degree in criminology to look for criminals.