Discover 7 Thrilling Historical Crime Fiction Novels

Discover 7 Thrilling Historical Crime Fiction Novels_NovelSuspectsIn our current technological climate, it’s harder to get away with crimes than ever before. Imagine how easy it would have been before luminol, cell phones, or the internet, though: you could just tell someone a different name from your own, and they’d have almost no way to check it. If you weren’t seen at the site of a murder (or never confessed to it), they’d have, like, zero evidence to convict. Oh man, and if I have to watch another show where the entire plot could have been prevented with a simple text message, I’ll scream.

Still, the limitations of earlier technology make historical crime fiction sort of more fun—after all, with our new progressions (like DNA evidence, for instance), there’s much less mystery. So if you love a period piece or a historical crime drama, check out these books next:


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