Horror Books We’re Looking Forward to This Year

Horror Books We're Looking Forward to This YearScary stories aren’t just for around the campfire or during Halloween. The familiar haunted house story gets turned on its head with these fresh, sinister angles that reimagine the spooky. Outside, a virus wrecks chaos on humanity, propelling survivors to use everything in their arsenal to survive. Parasitic monsters need to be tamed if a city wants to continue living. But these creatures and circumstances may not be the most fearful. Instead, these books are going to show characters tested to their limits and reckon with the darkest parts of themselves if they want to make it out alive. Here are some upcoming horror novels that will keep you up late at night and continue to haunt you beyond these pages.


Emily Hoang is a writer and editor, who is obsessed with haunted houses, ghosts, and dreams. More info can be found on her website.