Thicker Than Water: Six Crime Fiction Novels If You Love Family Dramas

CrimeFictionFamilyDramaBooks_NovelSuspectsFamilies can drive people to do unthinkable things, but we know they’re always there for us in the end. Whether they’re the infamous American crime family, the Corleone’s, from The Godfather or a family living the dream life in the suburbs, the bonds that hold a family together are constantly tested against rivalries, secrets, murder, and uncomfortable truths. Can these families hold themselves together or will they fall apart? Through some of the biggest challenges, we’ll get to see whether blood really runs thicker than water and which families will be able to make it. But one thing is for sure. No family will be able to remain the same after confronting each other and their past if they want to continue having a future together.

Emily Hoang is a writer and editor, who is obsessed with haunted houses, ghosts, and dreams. More info can be found on her website.uspe