Be Guilty Of Reading The Best Legal Thrillers of 2019

Be Guilty Of Reading These 2019 Legal ThrillersMost people don’t actually want to be called for jury duty, but they definitely want to be the fly on the wall of a case, and legal thrillers are happy to provide that. Plus, legal thrillers appeal to a wide audience because they offer so much. Thrills, obviously, but for procedural fans–much of the crime genre’s fans–you get a look at the justice system from characters working in the legal profession and/or by watching a case in court, or as it’s being prepared for trial. There’s also usually a who or whydunnit mystery threaded throughout. Like I said, lots to like! So here are some great 2019 legal thrillers and one upcoming 2020 title because that’s what TBR lists are for!





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