William Shaw’s Breen and Tozer Books in Order

William Shaw Breen and Tozer SeriesImmerse yourself in London’s swinging 1960s in William Shaw’s Breen and Tozer books: an impeccably researched police procedural series that the New York Times has called “an elegy for an entire alienated generation.

Detective Sergeant Cathal Breen is of the generation for whom reaching adulthood meant turning into one’s parents and accepting one’s place in the world. But the world around him is changing beyond recognition—and nothing illustrates the shift more than Constable Helen Tozer, a brazen and rambunctious young woman who crosses Breen’s path when she becomes the first woman to enter their murder unit in book one.

Together Breen and Tozer investigate the crimes that wind through their transforming city, crossing paths with hippies, rock stars, and luminaries of the modern art world. Over the course of the series, a well-drawn, satisfying friendship emerges between this unlikely crime-fighting duo.

For fans of historically-accurate period novels, these books are also a special treat, as Shaw’s fast-paced writing de-glorifies the often romanticized decade, and stays true to the casual prejudice woven into the era’s social mores.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our roadmap of the Breen and Tozer series below, and dive in!


William Shaw’s Breen and Tozer Books in Order