5 Page-Turning Mysteries Starring Indian Detectives

Novel Suspects Featured Image Indian Detectives

One of the things I love most about international mysteries is the way they can breathe new life into the characters and tropes we’re already familiar with. We’ve all read mystery novels with a grizzled detective who believes the world is working against them. But what about a mystery novel in which the investigator is a female attorney struggling against the cultural expectations of her Indian city? Or a mystery involving a wealthy Maharajah who likes to play detective? Or a mystery where the Inspector is aided by a baby elephant?

Now that your interest is sufficiently piqued (because seriously, who wouldn’t want to read about a mystery-solving baby elephant?), check out this list of mystery novels featuring Indian detectives.

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Katie McLain is a public librarian in Illinois where she suggests books for a living. She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her fiancé and her matching black cats. Katie is a contributing editor for Book Riot and a co-host on the Read or Dead mystery podcast. Find her on Twitter @kt_librarylady.