I Just Read Every Megan Abbott Book (And You Should, Too)

Author Megan Abbott

Megan Abbott has become a queen of writing crime, especially in her ability to portray real girls/women and their desires, obsessions, relationships, and rage. That’s why we were so excited to hear that USA Network and Netflix are co-producing a TV series based on her novel, Dare Me! Abbott’s words have a quiet, energetic pulse that beat through every page, ultimately finding a way to bury deep under your skin. Her work is just a wealth of great novels that fit many reading moods, and I recommend them all. Seriously, how many authors do you get to say, “Yeah, just read all of their work. All of it!” But if you’re looking at the list of titles and not sure where to start, I’ll break them down based on the reading mood you may be in.

Your Heart is Dark and Noir:

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