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The Best Female-Led Action Movies

By Kate Kessler, author of Seven Crows


While researching my new novel Seven Crows, which I thought of as an action movie in book format, I decided one of the best ways to keep the pacing fast and the plot moving was to study action movies, particularly those with a female lead. At the time there weren’t that many, but since I started the book the list has gotten gleefully longer! I love that there are more and more female-driven action movies coming out. It’s a genre that’s growing across the world and I just added some more foreign-language offerings to my watch list! Here are a few you might want to check out as well, if you haven’t already.




About Kate Kessler

As a child, Kate Kessler seemed to have a knack for finding trouble, and for it finding her. A former delinquent, Kate now prefers to write about trouble rather than cause it, and spends her days writing about why people do the things they do. She lives in New England with her husband.