Book to Screen Adaptations We’re Obsessed With

Image Credit: Netflix

The past few years have seen an explosion of fantastic book-to-screen adaptions of mystery, suspense, conspiracy fiction, adventure fiction, and legal dramas. Whether you’re looking for a true crime film, a fast-pasted detective series, or a thriller with sci-fi elements, you’ll find a new show to fall in love with on this list. Once you’ve watched these shows and movies, you’ll know exactly where to go for more—to the great crime fiction and nonfiction books they’re based on.



If you’ve got up on all these adaptions, don’t worry: there are more slated for 2023 and beyond! Mystery and suspense fans should definitely keep an eye out for the upcoming Apple TV+ series based on Carl Hiaasen’s novel Bad Monkey, about a detective turned restaurant inspector, under the name Fast Charlie. Amazon Prime is working on a new Alex Cross series, based on the beloved suspense books by James Patterson.