Where to Start with MC Beaton’s Agatha Raisin Series

M.C.Beaton_NovelSuspectsShe’s curt. She’s sleuthy. She’s Agatha Raisin! Created by prolific cozy mystery writer MC Beaton, Mrs. Raisin, a retired public relations agent (who, ironically, has no people skills whatsoever), has been solving murder mysteries in the Cotswolds since 1992. Like all of Beaton’s detectives, Raisin is decidedly unorthodox and can’t sustain a romantic relationship to save her life. But these things often work to her advantage. Many of Agatha’s best cases revolve around her array of exes (or soon-to-be exes). And her unique way of operating—plus her ever-evolving circle of friends and acquaintances—have helped her nab over thirty dastardly criminals.

Agatha Raisin’s popularity has enabled her to make the jump to both radio and television. And yet, there’s nothing quite like curling up with cozy mysteries in book form. The five books highlighted here are among the best that the series has to offer, starting with the highest rated on Goodreads. No matter which one you pick, these witty, suspenseful adventures will keep you guessing from the first page to the last.


Eileen Gonzalez is a freelance writer from Connecticut. She has a Master’s degree in communications and years of experience writing about pop culture. She contributes to Book Riot and Foreword Reviews, and she occasionally tweets at @eileen2thestars.